Safety Recalls

Nothing left to chance

Recalls are for your safety

At Listowel Honda, we are proud of the quality of the vehicles on our lot. Precision and high-level engineering are at the center of every Honda model. All you have to do is get behind the wheel to feel it.

On occasion, Honda Canada issues a recall of your vehicle to ensure that it meets its high standard for quality, performance, and safety. Our Certified Technicians in our Service department can perform the recall to ensure your vehicle is running efficiently and effectively. There is no charge to complete a recall on your vehicle.


Been notified of a recall?

We are here to assist you

If your vehicle has been flagged as requiring a recall, you'll receive a notice in the mail letting you know. Alternatively, our Service team may also alert you when you next schedule your vehicle for an appointment or when you visit us for service.

Occasionally a recall notification will be announced by Honda but no parts are immediately available, or a limited number of parts at the start of the campaign. In these cases, we can place an order for the necessary parts for your vehicle, reserve them in our software for you, and we’ll notify you when they arrive. To do so, please contact our Service team.

Checking for Existing Honda Recalls

There might be several reasons you didn't get a notice that your vehicle has an outstanding recall. We recommend you confirm your information is current and relevant with your Service Consultant.

If you didn't receive notice, you could check here using the Honda Canada safety recall check. Enter your 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) to see any open recalls on your specific model.

Or contact Honda Canada online or directly by phone 1-888-946-6329

You will locate the VIN# on your vehicle's ownership, your sales paperwork, or the plaque on the driver's side of the dashboard.