Honda Plus Protections

Protect Your Honda Like One of the Family

Honda aftercare is a suite of valuable service products designed to offer additional protection during your Honda ownership experience.


We’ve got you covered.

You didn’t buy your Honda because it’s another vehicle. You bought it because it’s a Honda. Everything we make has become synonymous with quality and reliability. Our Extended Warranty plans are no different.

No matter what happens or where it happens in Canada or the United States, we’re right there with you. You’ll feel good knowing only Honda trained technicians using Honda parts will touch your vehicle.

Plus, Roadside Assistance is included. You’ll enjoy peace of mind 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

Choose what you need before you need it:

You’re not like any other driver out there. And your Honda isn’t like any other vehicle out there. Honda Plus Extended Warranty offers you coverage options to help you find what’s right for you.



Upgrade today, and a few years down the line.

Honda Plus Extended Warranty for Lease is a hard-working option for your hard-earned Honda.

While signing your lease, you can purchase an Extended Warranty for your First Period of Coverage. Depending on what you choose, you’ll be covered for 4 years / 100,000 km or 5 years / 120,000km.

If you decide to buy outright near the end of First Period of Coverage, you can buy more time, and mileage. Add an extra two to four years and 40,000 km to 100,000 km. Together, your First Period of Coverage and Second Period of Coverage protects you for 7 years / 160,000 km or 8 years / 200,000 km.



Keep it looking new.
Keep your Honda looking as new as when you drove it off the lot with Honda Plus Appearance Protection Program. It features full body panel corrosion protection, undercarriage corrosion protection, surface rust protection, paint finish protection, fabric and leather stain protection.

We’ve made our products to the highest industry standards. They are designed, tested and manufactured to perform in Canada, even under the harshest conditions.

Let our professionally trained Honda technicians give your vehicle the protection needed. No holes are drilled and all electrical components are carefully protected.



  Payment protection is peace of mind.

We don’t just think about building cars. We think about the drivers behind them. If something happens and you can’t make your payments, we’re right by your side. With Honda Plus Payment Protection you’ve got a choice of options to provide peace of mind.

* Creditor insurance eligibility depends on factors such as age and health. 

* Creditor insurance eligibility depends on factors such as age and health. 


 Your wheels put up with a lot on the road.

 In Canada, the weather can be uncertain and hazards can come out of nowhere. You can’t predict what will happen, but you can be ready. Honda Plus Tire and Rim Protection will cover you from any unexpected potholes, uneven manhole covers, nails or screws. And in Canada, your winter tires are covered, too.

Honda Plus Tire and Rim Protection covers all costs related to tire and rim repair or replacement. You’ll never use a deductible or pay out-of-pocket.

No matter where you end up in Canada, you’ll be protected. We’ll cover up to $100 in towing costs and chip in $50 per day for food and lodging if you’re more than 400 km from home.


•    Potholes
•    Uneven manhole covers
•    Broken road surfaces from freezing and thawing
•    Metal
•    Chunks of ice
•    Nails and screws
•    Vehicle accident debris
•    Glass
•    Lost cargo

Typical Tire & Rim Replacement Costs Covered by the Honda Plus Program:



Be confident when things go sideways.

In the event of a total loss, Honda Plus Gap Protection covers any shortfall between your insurance settlement and what is owed on your lease or loan. If your Honda is ever stolen or declared a total loss after an accident, don’t worry. We’ll make sure you’re never out of pocket and put back behind the wheel of a new vehicle as quickly as possible.

For a few dollars a month, our Gap Program:
•    Could save you up to $30,000 including refinanced liability from previous loans
•    Protects your credit rating
•    Locks in your rate for up to 7 years

Premiums are affordable
•    Your dealership can include the amount in your finance or lease agreement
•    Coverage is available for vehicles worth up to $150,000

Honda Plus Replacement Warranty *
In the event of a total loss, we’ll replace your vehicle with a new one. You can lock in your coverage for up to 7 years with no annual renewal, no annual increases and no chance of cancellation due to driving experience or losses.

Program Benefits:

•    Your new vehicle is replaced with a current model
•    Lock in your rate for up to 7 years
•    Rental vehicle coverage that picks up where your primary insurer leaves off
•    Transferable in the first 3 years
•    Deductible coverage up to $500 for a Total Loss and $250 for a partial loss mitigates the financial impact
      from an accident, fire or theft

*Prices vary by make/model/year of vehicle. In the provinces of QC and MB this product is considered Replacement Insurance.



 Coverage that is truely comforting.

Driving a Honda has always been a joy. We’ve just improved your ownership experience. Honda Plus Owner Comfort offers years of protection against damages that are not covered by your insurance company, but are expensive to repair.

Dent and Ding Protection:
Minor dents and dings are repaired using the paintless dent removal process. This will protect your vehicle’s factory finish.

Windshield Repair Protection:
A small crack can lead to a big problem. We’ll repair chips and cracks up to 2” right away to prevent growth. And not just once. You’ll be taken care of every time it happens. If the chip is larger than 2”, we’ll still help. We’ll pay up to $500 towards your vehicle insurance deductible.

Key Fob Replacement:
Keys disappear all the time. It’s part of life. If your key fob is lost or destroyed, we’ll get you a new one at your nearest Canadian Honda dealer. Plus, we’ll pay for the reprogramming. Zero deductible. Zero problems. 100% convenient.

Rip, Tear & Burn Protection:
Minor rips, tears and burns on upholstered seats don’t just look bad, they’re bad for resale. We want you to worry about enjoying the ride, not things out of your control. We’ll take care of the cost for any uh-ohs.



 Behind you for the road ahead.

When you call, we answer. Honda Plus Roadside Assistance protects you anywhere in Canada or the USA. Whenever you need it.

We offer a toll-free emergency hotline staffed by bilingual advisors. They’re on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our network has more than 20,000 approved towing and roadside service facilities ready to help. They’re all pre-screened and qualified for round-the-clock towing and roadside incident support.

See what you’re getting before you get it:

Emergency Service: You’ll get battery boosting, delivery of gas, and tire changes. However, Honda Plus Roadside Assistance doesn’t cover the cost of gas.

Lockout Service: If your key breaks, gets lost or locked in your Honda, call us. We’ll be there to help. All you’ll pay is the cost of a replacement key.

Winching Service: If you get stuck in snow, mud or a ditch, we’ll get you out. We’ll cover up to $200 per incident.

Towing Service: If you need a tow, we’re ready to go. For each incident, we’ll get you to your preferred Honda dealer within 100 km or the nearest Honda dealer within 500 km.

Emergency Transportation: We’ll get you where you need to be. If your vehicle breaks down, we’ll cover $200 for a rental car or a taxi if you’re within 100 km of home.

Trip Interruption Benefits: Rest easy. If your vehicle breaks down more than 100 km of home, your stay’s on us. You’ll get up to $500 for emergency accommodation, meals and car rental.

Traffic Accident Services: We know accidents happen. If yours happens within 100 km from home, we’ll tow you to your preferred Honda dealer within 100 km or to the nearest Honda dealer with in 500 km.
If you’re more than 100 km from home, we’ll make you feel at home. We’ll provide car rental, accommodation, meals and return passengers to their home in the event of hospitalization up to $600.

These benefits, including towing, apply when no other insurance is provided.

Emergency Message Service: We’ll get in touch, when you can’t. During an emergency, Honda Plus will make every effort to get a message to family, friends or business associates. This service is provided 24 hours a day in Canada or the USA.

Dealer Locator Service: Honda Plus gives you exact locations and phone numbers of the nearest authorized Honda dealer. You’ll be able to locate original parts and quality Honda service anywhere in Canada or the USA.

The Honda Computerized Trip Routing Service: We can even help you plan a trip. Call 14 days before departing and we’ll create a touring information package. You’ll get a custom computerized trip routing map, road, city and vacation area maps. Plus, we’ll throw in details of places of interest en route and more.

For Roadside assistance claims, please email to or send correspondence and supporting documents to Honda Roadside Assistance, P.O. Box 190, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4R5, Tel: 1-800-465-PLUS (7587).

Honda Plus Roadside Assistance is automatically enhanced once you purchase a Honda Plus Comprehensive Plan. The services below are added and the combined services are extended to match the term of your plan.

Car Rental: You’re always in luck. If repair time on a covered breakdown is more than five hoursor Honda Canada doesn’t have the parts, don’t worry. Honda Plus will give you up to $45 per day towards a car rental for five days. This can’t be claimed in conjunction with Trip Interruption Benefit.

Tire Road Hazard: If you get a flat, you’re not flat out of luck. Honda Plus will pay for the installation and balancing charge. Plus, we’ll even cover the value of the tire based on the remaining tread depth at the time of loss

For Car Rental and Tire Road Hazard claims, please contact your Honda dealer directly.