Crosby Rewards

We Value the Loyalty of Our Clients

As a business that’s been around for over 50 years, we’re fortunate enough to have a very loyal clientele. For a long time, we’ve struggled with the issue of how best to reward this loyalty. How can we attach a value to it? Clients that have been with us for a long time will remember “Crosby Dollars,” which was a good first attempt but not a robust enough program. The solution we came up with was Crosby Rewards.

An Intuitive Point System

We kept it simple

Most loyalty programs reward you with points within the range of 1-2% of your spending, and have complicated point structures. As a Crosby Rewards member, however, you’ll earn 10% of each dollar you spend on service, parts, and accessories as points. Our program is simple and intuitive; each point is worth $1. Simple, right? You can even earn additional points by referring your friends or family to us!

Your points have a Two-Fold Benefit for You


As you earn points, you also earn free gifts at certain milestones, such as no-charge detailing packages and fuel cards. Our Service Consultants love to hand these out; it’s an opportunity to say thank you for your business and loyalty.


The best part is that these gifts don’t deplete your total points. You can use them towards the purchase of a vehicle when the time is right for you.

An Authentic Program: Where Value Is Real

Many loyalty programs sound like a gimmick, but this one’s value is real – as evidenced by the points redeemed by our clients to date for vehicle purchases:


Explore the Crosby Rewards Portal

For complete details on our
Crosby Rewards Program.

For complete details on our
Crosby Rewards Program.