How do i pair my phone to bluetooth?

The process of pairing your vehicle's Bluetooth with your phone varies depending on the vehicle you drive, however, on your phone, the process is generally the same.


  • Go to the home screen.
  • Choose "Settings".
  • Choose "General".
  • Choose "Bluetooth".

If your phone is currently paired to a different system, tap on the system it is connected to in order to disconnect from it, and then choose the system that you want it to be paired with, i.e. your vehicle. In order to find out what you need to do specifically to your vehicle, you may want to visit the manufacturer's website, or search through the many available forums online.

If you find you require some assistance with pairing your Bluetooth with your phone, you can always drop by Listowel Honda and one of our helpful Sales Representatives or Service Technicians will be happy to help you.