What are our customers saying about us?

Many Listowel Honda customers are members of families and circles of friends who have been dealing with us for years, and some generations, and while many automotive retailers report a decline in customer loyalty, we see just the opposite as our customer base continues to grow across Ontario. Please see the comments below for an idea of what to expect when you are a customer of Listowel Honda! Check our facebook feed for more customer feedback and general car knowledge.

William W.  May 3rd, 2016          2016 Honda CRV                     Kitchener, ON

"After having dealt with Listowel Honda for over 15 years now, we consider them family. They have always worked at our best interest, kept our cars in excellent condition and given us the best deals on purchases. The staff is friendly and professional. Coming from Kitchener, we will continue the drive to Listowel. It's totally worth it!"

Brian W.    Apr 29th, 2016            2016 Honda Accord               Drayton, ON

"The staff are willing to work with the customer and look after their needs."

Klaas H.    Apr 25th, 2016            2016 Honda CRV                    West Hill, ON

"Very good dealing with Listowel Honda - very responsive and knowledgeable."

Linda P.     Apr 25th, 2016            2016 Honda Odyssey            Atwood, ON

"Keith had no issues when we were there past closing time. He made us his priority. All staff was very acccommodating to our family needs when we were signing papers."

Brett L.     Apr 25th, 2016             2016 Honda Odyssey            Atwood, ON 

"Friendly staff and knowledgeable. Overall positive experience with this sales team."

Kaye W.    Apr 23rd, 2016             2016 Honda CRV                    Wroxeter, ON

"The staff was very pleasant with us each time we were there. Informative and very knowledgeable helpful people. Aiming to please and be of assistance and everything. I would recommend Listowel Honda to anyone. This was a pleasant experience and our salesperson even called a few days later to see how things were going."

Marilyn S.  Apr 23rd, 2016           2016 Honda Civic                    Wingham, ON

"I walked in and was greeted warmly, and they let me choose the vehicle and didn't question my choice of car. I'll will be sure to return."

Dawn C.   Apr 20th, 2016             2016 Honda CRV                      Kincardine, ON

"The staff are always friendly and helpful."

Mary T.    Apr 18th, 2016              2016 Honda CRV                     Bluevale, ON

"Friendly and efficient and totally customer oriented."

Ashley H.  Apr 5th, 2016               2016 Honda CRV                     Fordwich, ON

"Exceptional customer service. They go out of their way to help!"

Nancy D.   Apr 5th, 2016                2016 Honda Civic                   Kitchener, ON

"I would not hesitate to highly recommend Listowel Honda to anyone. Pricing was transparent and clearly explained, no time consuming games. Our overall experience was excellent and we were thoroughly satisfied with our new car buying experience at Listowel Honda from start to finish."

Eveline H.  Apr 5th, 2016                2016 Honda Civic                   Cambridge, ON

"If you're looking for a great deal, or a new car, or service on your car, head to Listowel Honda. They will go out of their way to give you what you need. The staff are efficient, helpful, and pleasant. They have a great selection and will help with any questions you may have about any aspect of the process of buying a new or older car. First class service, the Salesperson was patient, and knowledgeable in all aspects of the car and controls. He answered all of my questions and showed me how to use all of the new features. Nothing was forgotten, every aspect of the sale went smoothly and was explained in great detail. 100% efficient."

Christina S. Apr 4th, 2016              2016 Honda Odyssey             Palmerston, ON

"The staff at Listowel Honda are super friendly and knowlegeable, and they really take care of you and your needs. They were very friendly and accommodating."

Brian D.      Mar 10th, 2016             2016 Honda CRV                    Listowel, ON

"Pleasant, friendly, and relaxed automotive buying experience."

Mark N.      Mar 7th, 2016                2016 Honda CRV                    Listowel, ON

"It was very positive.... everyone was most helpful."

Marilyn B.  Mar 1st, 2016                 2016 Honda CRV                   Belgrave, ON

"This has been the third time I've purchased a vehicle from Listowel Honda and everything was great. The Salesperson was very knowledgeable and had spent alot of time with us."

Kim. J        Feb 29th, 2016                2006 Honda CRV                   Atwood, ON

"Tricia was excellent to deal with! She has excellent customer serving skills!"

Lynne F.      Feb 22nd, 2016              2014 Honda Civic                  Mount Forest, ON

"Friendly Staff."

Michael O.  Feb 1st, 2016                 2015 Honda CRV LX             Waterloo, ON

"I would recommend Listowel Honda and had a very good experience there. I drove 45 minutes to purchase my vehicle there, rather than at a closer dealership. Compared to the closer dealership, I found the salesperson at Listowel Honda much more up-front, with less pressure and gamesmanship. At the conclusion of the deal, they seemed to be genuinely grateful for my business."

Joseph M.   Feb 1st, 2016                2015 Honda Civic EX            Listowel, ON

"Excellent customer service."

Bruce D.       Jan 27th, 2016             2016 Honda HRV                    Waterloo, ON 


Joji V.            Jan 22nd, 2016           2015 Honda Civic EX              Listowel, ON

"One of the best places to know about Honda!!! Listowel Honda team is amazing!!! I am 100% satisfied with their services."

Daniel V.       Jan 20th, 2016            2014 Honda CRV                      Listowel, ON

"Service was excellent!"

Ken R.           Jan 14th, 2016            2016 Honda Pilot LX-HS         Fordwich, ON

"They all knew the vehicles inside and out and always very happy to help."

Mechelle F.   Dec 10th, 2015            2016 Honda HRV                     Elora, ON

"Easy going friendly environment with no pressure sales and fair trade values."

Klaas H.        Dec 10th, 2015            2016 Honda Odyssey             West Hill, ON

"Great sales force and excellent quality of delivery of product."

Carol S.         Dec 1st, 2015               2016 Honda HRV                    Palmerston, ON

"The staff are friendly, knowlegeable, and not pushy."

Geoffrey R.   Dec 1st, 2015               2008 Honda Civic                    Listowel, ON

"Friendly, knowledgeable service. They make you feel at home."

Lindsay C.     Nov 20th, 2015             2015 Honda CRV EX              Callander, ON

"Amazing staff, great experience! Will purchase my next vehicle at Listowel Honda as well!"

Barbara R.     Nov 19th, 2015             2016 Honda CRV EXL           Seaforth, ON

"I have been a customer at Listowel Honda for a very long time and they treat me like family. They go beyond the norm to look after their loyal customers."

Nick M.          Nov 12th, 2015            2015 Honda Accord Sport     Brussels, ON

"If you are from the area and plan to buy a Honda, Listowel Honda is the only dealership to visit. Very easy process, no stress."

Shelley M.     Nov 12th, 2015            2016 Honda Pilot Touring     Mount Forest, ON

"Amazing people... all of them, from Ryan to Christina ... each and everyone of them, and the manager (sorry I forgot his name), totally amazing. Best place to buy a car. They treat you like family, not a customer. Always a pleasure to go into Listowel Honda. Would not buy anywhere else."

Carol S.         Nov 11th, 2015             2015 Honda Civic LX             Listowel, ON

"Ryan explained everything and both he and Christina were great. The dealer is great and honest."

Kareen C.      Nov 5th, 2015             2016 Honda Pilot Touring      Shelburne, ON

"They were very easy to deal with."

Earl H.            Nov 3rd, 2015             2015 Honda Accord Touring  Listowel, ON

"They were friendly and showed us everything. We will recommmend anyone to go to Listowel Honda."

Lois E.            Oct 28th, 2015            2015 Honda Accord LX      Waterloo, ON

"Keith Blackwood was very positive and helpful, and I got excellent information from him spending time discussing needs in person, on the phone, and by email. My questions were answered with lots of detail and the interaction was very positive. He even searched and found me the 2015 vehicle I wanted when 2 other Honda dealers told me that none were available. I have driven 40 minutes to Listowel to buy a car for the 2nd time and have recommended Listowel Honda to others."

Gregory P.      Oct 6th, 2015             2012 Honda CRV EXL         Gowanstown, ON

"I'm thrilled with Ryan, everything was explained, and the entire staff was very knowledgeable. They listened to my needs, didn't push for the sale. They were great to deal with, as well as the follow up after the sale too."

Magdalena Z. Oct 3rd, 2015            2015 Honda Civic EX           Kitchener, ON

"Everyone was very welcoming, Ryan, Keith, and Christina were fantastic! I'd recommend everyone to go see them! Keith was very knowledgeable and explained everything very well. Christina was very thorough and very personable, and the process was very comfortable and easy. Thank you!"

Sandeep K.    Sept 23rd, 2015         2011 Honda Civic SE          Kitchener, ON

"It was a great experience to get my car service done with Honda."

John P.           Sept 21st, 2015       2007 Honda Ridgeline DX   Listowel, ON

"The entire team is just great to deal with. Both my wife and I drive Hondas and Listowel Honda looks after both. If they don't know the answer to a question they don't try to bs me - they say they will look into it and get back to me, which they do. Absolutely great team at Listowel Honda."

Grace N.          Sept 17th, 2015         2015 Honda Civic LX        London, ON

"Christina was very knowledgeable and the vehicle was clean. Everything was perfect."

Mary V.          Aug 13th, 2015         2015 Honda CRV EX           Atwood, ON

"I enjoyed the friendly service and we laughed and cried together when I had to leave my 2003 Element. I loved that vehicle. I love my CRV and look forward to driving it for as long and as far."

Barbara R.     Aug 12th, 2015       2015 Honda CRV EXL           Gowanstown, ON

"I really like that they check the vehicle over and recommend what needs to be done at the same time giving you options."

Paul S.           Aug 8th, 2015         2009 Honda Ridgeline VP    Mapleton, ON

"Friendly, courteous staff. Made me feel like I have been a customer for years. Great job people. I'll be back again."

Linda D.          Jul 30th, 2015         2015 Honda CRV SE            Fordwich, ON

"Ryan has always been great to deal with and the overall experience was super."

Carol G.           Jul 14th, 2015         2015 Honda Civic EX            Elmira, ON

"I'm thrilled with Ryan, everything was explained, and the entire staff was very knowledgeable. They listened to my needs, didn't push for the sale. They were great to deal with, as well as the follow up after the sale too."

Shayne M.      Jul 1st, 2015            2015 Honda Odyssey Touring    Ariss, ON

"Deal with them, they know their stuff."

Carole H.         Jul 1st, 2015            2015 Honda CRV LX            Fordwich, ON

"Ryan was great. Dealership staff knew what they were doing and they were doing it well."

Edward B.       Jun 1st, 2015            2015 Honda Civic LX            Atwood, ON

"Extremely good."

Dean S.            May 27th, 2015          2015 Honda Accord Touring      Chelmsford, ON

"Ryan got me the exact car I was looking for much faster than my local dealer was able to, and was also very quick to respond to any questions I had. Excellent dealership to deal with, made purchasing and delivery very easy. They met all my wishes and exceeded my expectations."

Stephanie D.   May 20th, 2015          2015 Honda CRV SE           Waterloo, ON

"Very trustworthy, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend Listowel Honda to anyone interested buying a vehicle!"

Ellise L.            May 8th, 2015            2015 Honda Civic LX          Listowel, ON

"My experience exceeded expectations. Very lovely people to deal with and will be back in the future guaranteed."

Richard R.      May 5th, 2015            2015 Honda CRV EX            Listowel, ON

"It's a great place to deal!"

Donald D.       May 1st, 2015             2015 Honda CRV Touring   Listowel, ON

"The staff at the dealer was very good. They were right there to greet me when I walked into the dealership. Ryan was excellent and did a good job answering anything I wanted to know and showed me the vehicle, while also making sure that my tradein snow tires would fit the new vehicle."

Brenda A.       Apr 24th, 2015            2003 Honda Civic LX            Atwood, ON

"They were able to do my oil change when I was at work, which meant I was never without my car. They dropped me off at work and my car was there when I was finished. PERFECT!"

Clarence J.    Apr 16th, 2015            2015 Honda CRV EXL           Atwood, ON

"I am very satisfied with the dealer and the product. I've already recommended a friend and they bought one at Listowel Honda"

Michelle F.    Apr 14th, 2015            2013 Honda Civic LX           Moorefield, ON

"I was completely satisfied so it is pretty hard to beat that unless you a giving things away for free!"

Ann T.            Apr 1st, 2015               2015 Honda CRV Touring    London, ON

"I have visited many dealerships but I still return to Listowel Honda even though it is a good hour away from where I live. The staff are exceptional and every visit feels very personalized. Ryan has known me for years and ensures I know about new products when appropriate to do so. I believe the Listowel Honda team is honest and upfront, they don't oversell and they are honest about the limitations the vehicle may have in relation to my expectations. They seem to know the client and what will and won't be acceptable for them. I have already recommended a friend who bought from Listowel Honda. Great people and a great experience."

LTI                   Feb 18th, 2015            2015 Honda Pilot SE             Listowel, ON

"We will be sure to tell others about our complete satisfaction with the dealership."

Jo-Ann H.      Jan 23rd, 2015             2006 Honda Civic LX             Clifford, ON

"The receptionist is amazing at making you feel "at home"."

Dawn C.          Jan 22nd, 2015            2010 Honda CRV                   Listowel, ON

"No problem getting a ride, dropping off my car and keys. Great staff."

Kirby M.           Jan 9th, 2015              2014 Honda CRV SE              Elmira, ON

"...cleanliness of the facility and friendliness of staff was excellent. Overall it was a great experience."

Lisa P.              Nov 20th, 2014            2015 Honda CRV EX              New Lowell, ON

"Excellent service. Worth the drive. They were nice and helpful. They didn't have the colour I wanted, but within the day had the exact one delivered from another dealer for me."

Dan V.               Nov 13th, 2014            2014 Honda CRV EX              Listowel, ON

"So far we did not need to service our CRV but we put on snow tires. The dealership service was excellent, they had the best price and excellent service. I really like the dealership and would recommend it to others. Thanks."

Sue M.               Nov 10th, 2014            2015 Honda CRV Touring      Guelph, ON

"Both my Salesperson Keith, and the Finance Manager Christina were very friendly and helpful. The process went very smoothly, and Christina was very patient, even when I requested to change some things on the contract. What a beautiful car!!! Everyone I dealt with was friendly and helpful, and I LOVE my new vehicle!"

Michael S.          Nov 4th, 2014             2015 Honda Accord LX          Ilderton, ON

"It was an amazing experience. The Sales and Leasing Manager Ryan did a great job."

Dennis H.           Oct 14th, 2014             2014 Honda Civic LX             Listowel, ON

"Always have been compleletly satisfied! It's our fourth purchase of a Civic!"

Joanne S.           Oct 13th, 2014             2014 Honda Civic LX             Harriston, ON

"They understood what I needed and found a way to make it happen. Will recommend them to others. Even helped sync my phone for me. I've already recommended them to others. They were friendly, helpful, and I didn't feel any pressure."

Jill M.                  Oct 7th, 2014               2014 Honda CRV EX               Hamilton, ON

"Excellent service. Great to deal with. Dealt with Honda Finance and insurance as the result of my accident. Delivered my new car to Hamilton."

Nadine S.            Oct 2nd, 2014              2014 Honda CRV EXL             Listowel, ON

"It is a friendly dealership. They were very helpful during the sale."

Heather M.          Oct 2nd, 2014              2015 Honda Odyssey EX       Listowel, ON

"The staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help."

Sajid T.                  Oct 1st, 2014              2014 Honda CRV EX               Kincardine, ON

"The staff were very accomodating and friendly."

Glen H.                   Sept 23rd, 2014         2014 Honda Fit DX-A              Guelph, ON

"Staff at Listowel Honda were friendly and helpful."

Dawn C.                 Sept 12th, 2014          2010 Honda CRV                    Listowel, ON

"I didn't have an appointment, had a flat tire. They took me to work and fixed my car. Great staff as usual."

Carolyn W.             Sept 11th, 2014          2015 Honda Odyssey EX      Waterloo, ON

"They are friendly and knowledgeable. The staff is easy to deal with."

David C.                  Sept 10th, 2014          2013 Honda Civic LX             Wellesley, ON

"They are friendly and easy to deal with. They are down to earth."

Peter G.                   Sept 9th, 2014            2014 Honda Pilot Touring     Collingwood, ON

"It was fantastic. It has been a fantastic experience. They respected my time."

Anne Marie J.         Aug 24th, 2014           2014 Honda Civic LX              Collingwood, ON

"Customer service is second to none. They care and held concern for me and my wants and budget needs, and what will work best for my family. Every question answered thoroughly and honestly. Everything I needed to know about my vehicle, every feature all explained. From start to finish it was so easy and enjoyable. A very big thank you to Keith and Christina for everything!! I never knew buying a car could be so easy."

Terry R.                     Aug 19th, 2014          2014 Honda CRV EX               Listowel, ON

"I'll be sure to tell others about the fun I had while purchasing the vehicle here. They were very professional."

Kimberly H.              Aug 14th, 2014           2013 Honda Ridgeline           Wroxeter, ON

"Very nice, greeted me with a smile and took my vehicle on very short notice."

Dan V.                       Jul 29th, 2014             2014 Honda CRV EX               Listowel, ON

"I'll be telling people about their exceptional customer service."

Roslind D.                 Jun 18th, 2014            2014 Honda Civic EX             Listowel, ON

"I received excellent service. Honda is a reliable vehicle."

Shelley M.                Jun 14th, 2014             2014 Honda CRV Touring     Mount Forest, ON

"We were very happy with our Salesperson Ryan."

Amanda T.                May 29th, 2014            2014 Honda CRV EX              Moorefield, ON

"Great people to deal with."

Kaitlyn D.                   May 21st, 2014            2013 Honda Civic Touring    Listowel, ON

"Already have recommended them! They were helpful and worked with me. I needed a car while they fixed the dent and cleaned up the new car, and they gave me a lender for the week. They were amazing!"

Jill C.                          May 20th, 2014             2014 Honda CRV LX              Listowel, ON

"The staff was very friendly, and did not put high pressure on me. They made it comfortable and easy."

Tracy N.                     May 12th, 2014             2013 Honda Pilot Touring     Kitchener, ON

"Ryan was a pleasure to deal with and it was refreshing to buy from a rep that was straight forward and honest. Ryan made the decision to buy from Listowel Honda an easy one. Both Keith and Christina were very helpful and wonderful to deal with as well. Everyone at Listowel Honda was a pleasure to deal with. I would tell people that it is definitely worth the trip to Listowel for a refreshing car buying experience from people that are kind and honest and a pleasure to deal with."

John P.                      May 8th, 2014                2007 Honda Ridgeline            Mount Forest, ON

"Rick and Chris at Listowel Honda in service always provide us with excellent service. My wife and I both have Hondas and rely on the two of them for our service needs. Service from them is exceptional."

Harry H.                    May 1st, 2014                 2014 Honda CRV Touring       Listowel, ON

"I will tell others that the Salespeople at this dealer will help them out."

Brian S.                     Apr 28th, 2014                 2010 Honda CRV                     Moorefield, ON

"I expect great things and the dealership met those expectations."

Marika B.                  Mar 12th, 2014                 2014 Honda CRV EX               Guelph, ON

"Their professionalism is outstanding."

Ted D.                        Feb 13th, 2014                 2014 Honda Accord Touring  Goderich, ON

"My experience was perfect. They are extremely knowledgeable, and their customer service is first rate, which is why I go to this Honda dealer. I drive an hour to Listowel Honda because the customer service is excellent."

William B.                  Feb 5th, 2014                   2014 Honda CRV EX                Listowel, ON

"Great atmosphere, helpful knowledgeable staff, clean tidy showroom, and a good inventory of both new and used vehicles."

John P.                      Jan 30th, 2014                 2009 Honda CRV                      Mount Forest, ON

"Chris and Rick in the service department at Listowel Honda are just great. They look after my Ridgeline and wife's CRV. The service we get is likely the reason we'll buy Hondas again and from this Dealership."

Norm M.                    Jan 6th, 2014                    2013 Honda Accord                 Listowel, ON

"...I expect Honda dealerships to provide great service and this dealership does exactly that."

Keith S.                      Dec 17th, 2013                  2014 Honda CRV EXL              Listowel, ON

"The process was very good, and they are great people to work with."

Edward R.                  Dec 16th, 2013                   2014 Honda Odyssey EXL-NAVI    Listowel, ON

"Ryan, the Salesperson was good as well as the dealer as a whole."

Jodi B.                        Dec 13th, 2013                   2013 Honda Civic EX              Brampton, ON

"The staff was professional and knowledgeable."

Robert M.                   Nov 28th, 2013                   2010 Honda CRV                     Listowel, ON

"I went to get my winter tires on. At that time they found the air filters needed replaced and my rear wiper needed fixed. They called me to get my ok to do the repairs and had my vehicle ready in less than an hour."

Josh K.                       Nov 5th, 2013                      2013 Honda Civic Touring     Listowel, ON

"They made things very easy and simple."

Joanne M.                 Nov 2nd, 2013                      2014 Honda CRV Touring      Moorefield, ON

"I was treated with respect."

Lucy V.                       Oct 29th, 2013                      2013 Honda Accord                Moorefield, ON

"Friendly, polite atmosphere. Work was completed quickly and well. Very clean dealership."

Paul S.                        Oct 24th, 2013                      2014 Honda CRV EXL              North Bay, ON

"They had great customer service."

Dale B.                        Oct 15th, 2013                      2013 Honda Civic                      Fergus, ON

"We had out first service and tire rotation completed on our new civic and the car was ready for us when we came back from breakfast as promised. Thank you!"

Joanne A.                   Oct 12th, 2013                      2014 Honda CRV EX                 Wingham, ON

"The people there are amazing and they go above and beyond the call of duty."

Tessa H.                     Oct 10th, 2013                       2013 Honda Civic LX                Listowel, ON

"All staff was helpful, knowledgeable and eager to make buying a Honda a great experience. The customer service skills from Christina were particularly impressive. The time spent showing me all of the features and controls was very helpful. I left the lot feeling completely comfortable."

Katie G.                       Sept 29th, 2013                     2007 Honda Civic                      Collingwood, ON

"Quick and friendly!"

Carol M.                       Sept 28th, 2013                    2014 Honda CRV Touring         Burlington, ON

"I will be telling others about their professionalism."

Lori N.                          Sept 26th, 2013                     2003 Honda Civic                      Moorefield, ON

"They gave me a courtesy ride to and from my house which is a 15 minute drive each way while they had my car for 2 days. I live out in the country and this enabled me to get back home. Other places I had taken my car only give you a ride if you live in town. This made it difficult to book my car in for a day because I'd have to hang out in town for a day while my car was being worked on. The guys were all very pleasant and even offered me a free detailing in the future!"

Mike C.                         Sept 4th, 2013                        2012 Honda Fit                          Listowel, ON

"I had a product recall and it was promptly dealt with free of charge. This is exactly what I expect to happen."

Tara F.                          Sept 3rd, 2013                        2013 Honda CRV EXL                Brooklin, ON

"Personalized service, fast and friendly!"

Carol G.                         Aug 19th, 2013                       2013 Honda Civic LX                 Elmira, ON

"I would tell people that they can feel very confident at Listowel Honda."

Judy A.                         Aug 8th, 2013                          2012 Honda Accord Crosstour EXL NAVI   Mount Forest, ON

"The process was painless."

Denise D.                     Aug 7th, 2013                           2013 Honda Fit                          Walkerton, ON

"They were friendly and thoughtful and gave me a convenient appointment while doing the work on time. I enjoy the staff."

Mary M.                       Jul 27th, 2013                           2013 Honda Civic LX                 Brussels, ON

"The service was excellent."

Ron L.                          Jul 23rd, 2013                            2013 Honda Civic Touring        Fordwich, ON

"My Salesperson, Ryan was excellent."

Kevan K.                      Jul 18th, 2013                            2013 Honda Civic EX                 East Gwillimbury, ON

"Ryan was excellent."

Alicia D.                       Jul 13th, 2013                            2013 Honda Civic Touring         Teeswater, ON

"All of the staff were very friendly."

Dale B.                         Jul 2nd, 2013                              2013 Honda Civic LX                   Fergus, ON

"The staff at the Dealership were excellent to deal with."

Gregory P.                   Jul 2nd, 2013                              2012 Honda CRV                          Moorefield, ON

"They were friendly, courteous and made me feel welcome. What I would expect from a Honda dealership."

Tom C.                         Jun 20th, 2013                            2013 Honda Civic LX                    Listowel, ON

"There was no pressure at all to buy."

Christine B.                 Jun 19th, 2013                            2013 Honda Civic LX                    Neustadt, ON

"It was a great experience buying my car."

Barbara R.                   Jun 13th, 2013                             2013 Honda CRV EXL                  Arthur, ON

"They were really courteous and professional."

Michael J.                    Jun 12th, 2013                             2013 Honda Civic Touring          Orangeville, ON

"The Salesperson, Ryan, was very knowledgeable. They are fast."

Ron L.                            Apr 12th, 2013                             2007 Honda Accord                     Fordwich, ON

"Service was excellent considering I did not buy this vehicle at their dealership."

Pauleen K.                     Apr 5th, 2013                               2012 Honda Civic                         Brussels, ON

"I was able to walk to a store and do my groceries, while my car was being serviced. I called when I was finished, to tell them that I needed a ride back to the dealership. They arrived promptly - to bring me and my groceries back. And then, they offered to leave my groceries in the trunk while my vehicle was finished so we would only have to transfer the groceries once."

Karen K.                         Apr 1st, 2013                                2012 Honda CRV                         Kincardine, ON

"I have always enjoyed dealing with Listowel Honda. They are honest and competent."