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~ We provide Life and Disability Insurance so you don't have to worry about anything other than getting back on your feet. ~

With the help of Honda, focus on recovering.


Loan/Lease Payment Protection - Life and Disability Insurance:

          •    Relief from financial strain
          •    Compensates from reduced income
          •    Life insurance
          •    Focus on recovery
          •    Critical Illness
          •    Disability Insurance


Benefits of Protection

Credit Life Protection:

          •   Pays off the balance of your vehicle loan obligation in the event of death
          •   Leaves your estate with the asset of the vehicle vs. the liability of the debt
          •   Maintains the value of all your other insurance policies
          •   It's Affordable Peace of Mind

Sickness and Injury:

          •   Makes your vehicle loan payment for you if you're unable to work at your job

          •   Confinement to your home or hospitalization not necessary

          •   Benefits will continue until you can return to your job

          •   Pays in addition to any workplace or private plans

Critical Illness

Pays off the balance of your vehicle loan in the event of:

          •   Heart Attack 
          •   Stroke
          •   Malignant Cancer
          •   Organ Transplant
          •   Paralysis
          •   Bypass
          •   Surgery

Most people survive their Critical Illness. With your vehicle loan paid off, any additional insurance benefits can be directed to where you need most.